06 October 2009

What's Creepier Than a Politician?

You guessed it.  A creepy politician's creepy white van. 

Who is this Lina Ortega and what office is she running for you ask?  Beats me.

This is what I know:  Ms. Ortega is a Democrat, she is creepy, and she likes to paint creepy things on vans.  Furthermore, judging from the make/model/shared ad space on her Dodge, she is so creepy that it hurts her ability to fundraise.  How does this woman expect anyone to take her or her candidacy seriously when she's driving around town creeping out all of her would be constituents? 

1 comment:

John Riewe said...

At first blush this appears to be one of the creepiest vans of all time. The addition of an element of shady politics to a shady van would seem to create unparalleled creepiness. However, you would sell yourself short if you stopped there. You must click on the side view picture to see it full size. You will only then see that Ortega has in fact acquired a sponsor for the campaign--Ramirez Iron Guards. Words do not suffice...