06 October 2009

This Nacho Van

What differentiates a Creepy Van from your run-of-the-mill sketchy Astro Minivan? The answer is more complicated than one would think.  There are several factors that catapult vans into the elusive creepy category.  The obvious being creepy owners, sheets for curtains, parking said van in a parking lot next to a schoolyard full of playing children, missing hubcaps, dreamcatchers.  However, while these qualities assist one in identifying which vans not to park next to on a dark night, they are not always foolproof.  This is why I have taken it upon myself to document the truly remarkable creepy vans that I come across while going about my daily business.  That and because spotting a van (hopefully from a distance) that disturbs your being can be quite a rush. 

Take for instance - Van: Nacho & Son.  I spotted this beauty in El Paso, Texas while driving through the central side of town.  Although the busted front tire and graffiti markings make it appear to be undriveable, do not be fooled.  This van is creepy.  What makes it even creepier is that the owner is apparently a businessperson named Nacho.  The logo emblazoned on his van makes it clear that Mr. Nacho is very proud of the fact that he has a "son."  However, if he is proud enough to name his business Nacho & Son, why not specify the son's name?  Would it have been less creepy if the van's logo read "Nacho & My Son Nachito?" Is it perhaps because there is no Nachito and this name and van is merely a ploy by Mr. Nacho to make himself appear less creepy to those he offers his services and/or rides to? Likely.


davin said...

That name comes from my grandfather named Ignacio. Nacho for short. His son's name is also Ignacio. They were/are far from creepy. But this is totally hilarious! I am forwarding to all my friends and family members!

Thanks for this!

davin said...

Oh and my uncle's wife name is Diana also. Since I have shown them this, my Aunt Diana made my uncle get rid of this van! HAHA