16 October 2009

A Creepy Smurf Van

Remember those small blue creepy creatures, the Smurfs?

They were big in the 80s; were sold to children as creepy figurines, and were eventually turned into the creepiest of all entertainment mediums-an Ice Capades show.

Now take a look at this van:

Creepy resemblance, no?

I will admit that when I first saw this blue beast; I was not immediately creeped out. First of all, it is big and it is baby blue. Furthermore, because of its creepy paint job, it stands out in a sea of conservatively colored minivans. If Van Smurf were to be put in a lineup with other vans, the characteristics that make it creepy would also make it impossible to misidentify. Hence, this van is not easy to hide and therefore it is only mediocrely creepy.

But just as I was about to drive away, out emerged a white, middle-aged, socks with sandals wearing man from the van.  Once I saw him, I knew. A man such as this would only drive a creepy van. A creepy smurf van. 

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